WordPress Security – Ways to secure


Lets admitted, WordPress is one of the best thing that happened to web design….. well lets not say best but is one of the best/easiest way for any non-web savvy/designer person to have a professional look website, of course the real pros are the one making the complex themes and plugins so you can just only fill some blanks and upload a few pictures to have a whole professional looking web page.


But like everything on the web one of the main concern is the security aspect and one of the most overlook by almost anyone non-technical that just want web presence, The one that only fill the blanks and press Publish, yeah you manage to buy a domain, pay for hosting press the “WordPress one-click install” button and upload a theme. But WordPress is all about making it easy that’s what plugins is all about, right ? lets review two of the plugins you should have, In my whole opinion. remember anything is 100% secure unless is unplugged.



1.  Better WP security

Its an all in one security plugin easy to configure and free, it just scan your site and you are presented with a list of things to change to make the site more secure its easy you just to have to follow the instructions.











2. BackWPup

Like everything in this digital era Backup is always important is the best way to get everything up again if something happens. BackWPup is easy, free and get the job done, you to backup anything from the DB to themes and plugins.

7-31-2013 9-45-42 AM

Schedule backups jobs and send them to  different destinations, you even get emailed with a log if there was something wrong with the job.

* I will be testing WordFence Security and Bulletproof Security


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