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Universal Wii Cover Templates

•December 9, 2008 • 16 Comments

If  you’re looking for the best, most complete cover template for Wii here it’s.

It will let you make your own cover for any Wii games, in case you dont like the original or need a new one.

The file is a Photoshop .psd file because includes layers for: ESRB logos(front and back), PEGI logos, Controller options logos(Wiimote, nunchuck,classic controller, wheel), Game publisher logos and editable UPC space.

The back cover info is in English, Spanish and French.

Why Universal ? –  because includes ratings for USA and UK and the language in the cover are in 3 languages also include a layer to edit the upc space.

Also include another template in case you want to safeguard your games in a dvd wallet like the one below.

Sample V6

Wallet double cover sample

Wallet double cover sample

Wallet sample

Wallet sample

Useful tools :

Wii games manuals HERE

Wii UPC game search for the cover (upc editable space) HERE

Get the Cover Template Pak. V6 ..Here

Get the Disc Template Pak. V1…………..Here

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Removing U3 Smart Launchpad from SanDisk Cruzer USB drives

•November 21, 2008 • 15 Comments

Did you ever want to remove the U3 Application partition from SanDisk Cruzer USB drives but fail to even if you format the USB-drive the U3 Smart App. will install itself in the usb-drive after you unplug and insert the usb-drive back.

So the solution is here, just install and run this application, insert your SanDisk Cruzer and fallow on-screen instructions.


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View .mkv HD videos on the Xbox 360

•November 11, 2008 • 2 Comments

Since the fall update that gave the 360 support for h264 many users end in disappointment when they find that the 360 doesn’t support the most commonly used HD container Matroska or .mkv video files. The only way to be able to do this is converting the matroska video to WMV HD which of course the xbox support. I read a few guides with a lot of steps, instructions and a lot of software to download, I read the steps and skip a lot of them just testing and testing I find out the the best solution using only 2 programs and 2 maybe 3 steps.

This conversion retain the full resolution of 720p or 1080p and digital sound up to 7.1

Programs needed

* mkvmerge GUI

* TMPGEnc Xpress (cost $99.00)

* TMPGEnc Xpress WMV HD profiles (dont needed but easier if you dont want to make one yourself)

A. Start mkvmerge and open the .mkv file, we are going to extract the video from the .mkv container

(I found that sometimes its better if you extract the audio too, don’t bother with the subtitles because the xbox don’t support it, except if is embed it in the video)

first add the video, second select the track you want to extract I select the video, third set the output file rename the file because it will replace the original I usually add the word video to the file name. for the audio to the same deselect the video track select the audio and rename the output filename to audio.


1. Start TMPGEnc Xpress select Source -> add file and select the video part you extract from the .MKV (you will need to change the filetype to all files so the mkv files appears in the dialog)

2. do the same for the audio part  (if you didn’t extract the audio you can use the original .mkv file in the audio part).

3. check the setting framerate 23.976

4. aspect ratio 1:1 (Squared Pixel)

5. display mode progressive

Press OK

Press Format

if you download the profiles browse and select it accordingly to the source video 720p or 1080p

Press Encode

Start the encoding

* remember that for breaking the 4gb filesize limit on the fat/fat32 external HDD for use on the xbox 360 you will need to format the hard disk to +hfs, for more info and instructions read here

* this post assume you have the necessary codecs

– like Windows media video 9 VCM  here

-Windows media encoder here

– matroska pack codecs here

Light .pdf reader

•November 6, 2008 • 1 Comment

I never get why the Adobe Acrobat app. get so heavy, just why a simple pdf reader/viewer have to be so heavy  a 35mb package and if you put that on top of a Vista OS it would be heavier.

Acrobat size

In the quest to find a solution for a free and light application without splash screen without bells and whistles, just a .pdf document reader/viewer and be able to print I found a few, the first one its a freeware the second one have a one year free license.

Cool PDF reader

Cool PDF reader


Foxit Reader

Both perform great and quick just what I was looking for.

Automatic Rapidshare downloader

•October 11, 2008 • 3 Comments

CryptLoad is an automatic rapidshare downloader and as for many others file hosting sites like megaupload, ect.. it’s for free users and premium as well but i am focusing in free users, just paste the links of the file you want to download in the program or just right click in the link and the program automatically detect it giving you the option to add it to the queue then the program automatic download all the files so you don’t have to wait the time limit of every file. it works as of the date of this post.

get it from