Removing all hyperlinks in Word !

As simple as may sound I always forgot how to remove all the hyperlinks from a Word documents, instead of going right-click one by one, this of course is when you have a lot of them. You can use this shortcut or make it more elaborated and make a macro.



Select all the document(Ctrl-A) or the paragraph you want to remove the hyperlinks from and…press

Ctrl + Shift + F9


Press [ALT]+[F11] to open the Visual Basic Editor

Go to “Insert” > “Module” and in the pop-up window copy:

Sub RemoveHyperlinks()
Dim oField As Field
For Each oField In ActiveDocument.Fields
If oField.Type = wdFieldHyperlink Then
End If
Set oField = Nothing
End Sub

Then click “File” > Close and return to Microsoft Word

You can now run the Macro in Word by going to:

Tools > Macro > Macro and then Run “RemoveAllHyperlinks”


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