Removing U3 Smart Launchpad from SanDisk Cruzer USB drives

Did you ever want to remove the U3 Application partition from SanDisk Cruzer USB drives but fail to even if you format the USB-drive the U3 Smart App. will install itself in the usb-drive after you unplug and insert the usb-drive back.

So the solution is here, just install and run this application, insert your SanDisk Cruzer and fallow on-screen instructions.


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15 Comments Add yours

  1. alona b says:

    thank you so much for the program. it works easy and fast!

    1. lameck says:

      help me. i removed my u3 software and reinstallation was interrupted by power failure. there is no u3 in my drive what do i do

  2. reavenm says:

    you’re welcome !!

  3. killercoconuts says:

    I love you. Have a very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!!

  4. JoeBob says:

    Thank you so much. I hate the U3 junk.

  5. erik says:

    this doesn’t work for me. when i run the programme, it says that i have to insert a u3 drive while it is already inserted. i’ve tried everything. please help.

  6. reavenm says:

    wait until the application instruct to insert the drive. And that any other usb drive is plug.

  7. scavok says:

    I had to remove all other usb stuff, wait for the prompt from the software and then insert the cruzer into the usb port listed as the frist/primary one to get it to work (my laptop has 3 ports and of course I had to try 3 times to see which one it worked in).


  8. Jeff says:

    It didn’t restore my personal files.. but no biggie. Nice to have the software off there.. you da’ man. thx!

  9. karina says:

    I get the same problem with erik. I have tried inserting the drive after the application instructed me to do so, but it still doesn’t work as “Please insert a u3 smart drive”. Is it because I tried cut and paste the LaunchU3 program on the drive???

    I really need help to solve the problem. I don’t need u3!!

  10. Omega_2 says:

    Awesome, worked like a charm.

  11. ramon says:

    so much thanks

  12. mytasity says:

  13. Big D says:

    It worked great, thanks.

  14. eric djemba djemba says:

    link is dead

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