radio station creator for Vista media center

Well in a way to improve my programing skills and mix my two hobbies creating things and multimedia technology freak if that is even a hobby. I create this simple c# program to create radio station and add it to the vista media center radio in the music strip.

*Add station name
*Add description
*Station logo or thumbnail (auto resize if upload bigger)
*Display stations in radio strip
*when select it to play, it goes directly to the Now Playing screen, no need for *.htm pages
*instant view of stations added directly in the app.
*direct editing, renaming and deleting.
*automatic validate and detect streaming URL (rtsp:// wont validate but you can still add it)

*works only on Vista Home Premium and Ultimate (32 and 64bit)
*works on any Country with english OS

*nothing, maybe V5 will be the last !
*try to fix any report bug
*** maybe,  trying to inject a cover album art to display when in Full Screen. using WMF sdk

** you can download it here


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  1. GlenStef says:

    big thanks for a link!

    Thank you

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